1. Request that we send you some barcoded vials. 
  2. Put a wet or dry fecal sample into one of the barcoded vials. We don't need the vial to be completely full. If your animal has pelleted feces, one or more pellets is fine. We only need a small amount to run the analysis. Screw the lid on tightly. 
  3. Fill out our Sample Submission Form (attached). Please mark which types of assays you would like run on your sample, which are listed on the second sheet.
  4. If your sample has been dried, you can keep it at room temperature or in the freezer. If your sample is wet, please keep it in the freezer. 
  5. When you are ready to ship, pack your samples in an insulated shipper with some ice packs if they've been frozen. 
  6. Ship them back to us at Jonah Ventures, 5485 Conestoga Ct. Suite 210, Boulder, CO 80301
  7. Send us your Sample Submission Form through email or in the package and let us know when to expect the samples!